The D-List: Tuesday

Nike Pulls Sneaker After Colin Kaepernick Says It Was Offensive

A new Nike sneaker that celebrates Independence Day has been pulled from stores after Colin Kaepernick called out the design as possibly offensive.

The limited edition Air Max 1 featured the "Betsy Ross flag" on its heel, which was flown before slavery was abolished in the US.

The former NFL quarterback turned activist, who is the face of the apparel giant's "Just Do It" campaign, reached out to the company to express concerns, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Stores were asked to return any pairs on shelves and Nike had pulled them from its website, announcing in a statement that they will not release the shoes, "as it featured an old version of the American flag."

Miley Cyrus Releases "Mother's Daughter" Video

Miley Cyrus has some serious eye-candy for you to watch today.

The video for Mother's Daughter was released on Tuesday.

The visual kicks into high gear when the phrase "Every woman is a riot" flashes across the screen.

The theme of the video is about taking back power and maintaining freedom. Cyrus highlights women of all kinds in the charged up clip.


Disney Working To Assemble Live-Action Little Mermaid Cast

The cast for the Disney live-action adaptation of "The Little Mermaid" is beginning to take shape with the addition of Awkwafina and Jacob Tremblay.

The two have signed on to play Flounder and Scuttle in the film which will also have Melissa McCarthy taking on the role of Ursula the Sea Witch.

This live-action version of the film, directed by Rob Marshall, will have classic sings from the animated film as well as new songs.

Disney Films Coming and Leaving Netflix This Month

Despite Disney's own streaming service coming later this year, Netflix is seeing some really good Disney films come and go from their streaming service.

This month films like Race To Witch Mountain, The Princess and the Frog, and Mary Poppins Returns make their debut on Netflix.

On the other hand, as Disney prepares to debut its own service there will be lots of Disney films leaving Netflix this month.

You see this month ends the deal that put all the new Disney theater releases from 2016 to 2018 on Netflix. All of those movies will begin to cycle off of Netflix this month.

Serena Williams Won't Be Giving Meghan Markle Any Parenting Advice

The queen of the court won't be offering parental advice to the Duchess of Sussex.

Serena Williams is going to let her good friend Duchess Meghan find her way with new son Archie.

Williams told BBC Breakfast, "I never pass on words of wisdom because I feel like everyone, when they have a kid, especially when you just have a baby, it is so difficult to just be. And it’s just like, get through the first three months, four months, and then we can talk.”

Williams is a mom to 1 and a half-year-old Alexis Olympia. She said that she is hanging in there herself: "I’m a mess. I just put on some concealer and I’m here. I’m pretending that everything’s fine.”

Jason Statham and John Mayer Nail the #BottleCapChallenge

You'll probably see a lot of people trying to execute the Bottle Cap Challenge at 4th of July gatherings this week.

The challenge involves someone doing a spinning back kick to take a bottle cap off.

UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway posted his last week and from there, other celebrities have been challenged to try it.

John Mayer, Diplo, and Jason Statham have successfully completed theirs. We will probably see a slew of people, celebrities or not, post theirs in the coming days.

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