The D-List: Friday

Disney + Gives First Look at Monsters, Inc TV Show

In anticipation of the new streaming service, Disney + has given fans a first look at the Monsters, Inc TV show, "Monsters At Work." 

The new animated show will be a spinoff of the Oscar-winning Pixar movie and will feature a new character by the name of Tyler Tuskmon. 

The series will focus on events six months after the original film, and now the plant is harvesting laughter instead of screams, and Tyler, who works as a mechanic, dreams of working on the "laugh floor" one day. 

Oh, and to answer your question, yes Mike and Sulley are in the series as well as your other favorite Monsters, Inc characters. Disney + launches on November 12. 

Fans Want Macaulay Culkin to Play the Joker

There's a rumor going around that Macaulay Culkin could be playing the Joker in "The Batman" and fans seem to have no problem with the idea. In fact, some fans really want it to happen. 

There's been no confirmation that Culkin has the part of is even being talked about for the part, but the buzz of him having the part has already started.

To take the rumor even further, artist @bryanzapp posted a picture of Culkin as the Joker on Instagram, and while he looks kind of creepy many still wouldn't have a problem with Culkin playing the Clown Prince of Crime.

Billboard Revising Merchandise Bundling After Khaled Disaster

To curb any future drama in regards to album sales, Billboard has decided to revise its merchandise bundling policy. 

The change stems from Billboard's refusal to count 100,000 units of DJ Khaled's latest album "Father of Asahd" that were sold via a bundling deal with a fitness drink and giving the number one spot to Tyler the Creator's "Earfquake" album. 

According to Billboard, they have reviewed their policy on bundle deals and will have a new policy for 2020. 

There's no word on whether or not this will affect an artist's opportunity to bundle their album with other products in the future. 

Vanessa Hudgens In “The Notebook” Musical Adaptation

Vanessa Hudgens has nabbed her next musical role... kind of. The singer and actress, who’s starred in “High School Musical,” “Grease: Live” and “Rent: Live,” will do a staged reading of a musical adaptation of the 2004 romcom “The Notebook.”

Hudgens will read as “Middle Allie,” Rachel McAdams' part opposite Ryan Gosling in the movie. The reading of Bekah Brunstetter’s adaptation takes place at VassarCollege’s Martel Theater on June 23rd.

Meanwhile, Tony nominee Hailey Kilgore will be “Younger Allie,” and “Cabaret” star Andy Buckley will read “Older Allie.”

Miley Cyrus Drops Video As “Black Mirror” Character

Miley Cyrus stars as a pop star in an episode of the Netflix series “Black Mirror,” and now her character, Ashley O, has released a new music video.

The video is for the song, “On A Roll,” which is a remix of the Nine Inch Nails track “Head Like A Hole.” The song is briefly featured in the episode, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too," in which Miley’s character dreams of making more meaningful music.

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