#MalieD | May at the Library Recap + Summer Discovery!

#MalieD had a BLAST last month with our Anchorage Public Library! You can definitely tell that us Alaskans were ready for summer, especially when it comes to awesome events like Reading Rendezvous.

Reading Rendezvous was the kickoff to Summer Discovery, a program where the library invites students and families to track their summer learning and reading activities to win prizes! Sounds super fun, right? IT IS! And all ages can participate!

Children and youth that continue to read and learn over the summer will fight the "summer slide". You know, the loss of academic progress during the summer break. They will instead develop a lifelong love of reading and learning!

Remember, however, it’s not just for kids! Anyone can fill out a log for a finisher prize (free book for kids and super cool tote bag for adults) and be entered to win other prizes including a new kindle e-reader. WHAT!

The best thing about this program is that it's happening in the SUMMER, which means you can read whatever you want! But, if you're having a hard time deciding what to pick up next, check out some of the staff picks over there at our Anchorage Public Library. I've discovered a few incredible books thanks to THIS list!

Have you picked up your log yet? Check out more about Summer Discovery below, and happy reading!

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