The D-List: Tuesday

Fans React to Julia Roberts Headline Fail

Now we all make mistakes, but the headline mistake made by the Post Journal, a newspaper in upstate New York, is getting lots of attention because of how funny and awkward the headline came out. The story was praising Julia for her performances in a variety of new roles in "Ben In Black" and the Amazon series "Homecoming," but the headline decided to focus on Julia's holes. The headline read, "Julia Finds Life and her Holes Get Better With Age." Yes, instead of "roles" the headline said "holes." The paper did write up a correction, but it was too late. The headline mishap had already gone viral. 

Post Malone’s Crocs Being Resold for $900

Post Malone's second Crocs collab is about to hit the internet in a few hours and some are already trying to resell a pair on the internet and the prices are amazing. Now keep in mind you can get the shoes for $59.99 on the Crocs website, but you can also pick a pair on eBay for almost $900. The Post Malone "Barbed Wire" Crocs are yellow with barb wire and other stickers across each shoe. 

These Ceramic Christmas Trees Could Be Worth Some Cash

Remember those ceramic Christmas trees from the 60s and 70s? Well, if you still have them stored away in a box somewhere you may want to find them because they're worth some Christmas cash. People are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for the trees on sites, with one person paying $79, another $440, and another purchased one for a whopping $649.  "The time to sell is right now. Like right now," says vintage lifestyle expert Bob Richter. "The truth of the matter is, they're not incredibly valuable at other times of the year." According to Richter, the best place to sell the ceramic trees is on eBay. He also suggests using a three-day listing with an incentive like "Get in time for Christmas" in the title. 

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots join Coaches from 'The Voice' for Jam Session

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots did some serious beatboxing and backup vocals for the coaches from The Voice.Adam Levine, Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson all appeared in a video singing excerpts from some of their biggest songs. Maroon 5's She Will Be Loved, Hudson's Spotlight, Shelton's I'll Name the Dogs and Clarkson's Stronger weaved together in a seamless jam session. 

An Oscars With No Host?

Do the Oscars need a host? For years, some have argued the show could do without one. Might this be the year that it happens? With Kevin Hart having pulled out recently, sources tell Variety that the show may go host-less. Instead, using a rotating cast of entertainers to keep the show moving along. Sources talking to the magazine say the Academy is worried about having somebody too edgy hosting the show on February 24th.

How Much Do Artists Make From Christmas Songs?

You hear the Christmas classics from certain artists every year at this time, but how much Christmas cash do the artists get from recording a holiday classic? The information isn't readily available, but a British TV channel did some digging and what they found was pretty astonishing. Mariah Carey gets $502,840 for her song "All I Want For Christmas," "Last Christmas" by Wham! makes the group $376,860, Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime" gives him $326,612, and Slade makes an astounding $1,256,200 for "Merry Xmas Everybody." "It is definitely a pension plan," said Noddy Holder of Slade.

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