What Do You Do If Your Windows Freeze Shut?

We've all been there. You get in line at the coffee shop and try to roll down your window when... It won't open!!! IT'S FROZEN SHUT!!! Okay, let me tell you how I solve this little problem. 

First of all, DO NOT keep trying to roll your windows up and down. This is literally the easiest way to break the mechanism. Instead, turn the windshield defrost on MAX, get out of your car, and scrape the edges of the window. I usually use a card of some kind that's stiff enough to break up some of the ice, but thin enough to get in between the window and the door. Run the card along the seams to make sure there is no ice left sticking the door and window together. By this point, the inside of the window should be warm enough that whatever ice may be left is melted, and you can try to roll it down again!

As you can see, this totally worked for me!!! I've gotten lucky too driving around the all new Audi Q5 from Kendall Audi of Anchorage because this thing heats up FAST. Max is always so jealous when he gets in my car because his old truck doesn't get nearly as warm in the short amount of time that my Audi does!

Every little detail on this car creates the perfect driving package. The heated seats, heated side mirrors, AND heated steering wheel are a must during the winter in Alaska! Don't believe me? I don't want to drive another car without these amazing additions ever again. Seriously.

Take a test drive for yourself and see what I mean TODAY at Kendall Audi of Anchorage on the corner of Dowling and Old Seward!

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