Malie's Wedding Update: The Engagement Shoot

Well, we're fully in the swing of this wedding thing! You saw the engagement happen in Central Park, NYC, now check out our amazing engagement photos taken by my good friend, Jovell!

I've worked with Jovell on multiple occasions before Max's and my engagement shoot, but WOW. I'm absolutely blown away by these photos! Here's my process for finding the perfect photographer.

First, I knew I wanted to go with someone who takes great quality photos. I know this seems pretty obvious, but I did a lot of research to make sure that we found someone who really puts care and effort into their photography. With so many amature photogs out there, I wanted professional photos that captured who Max and I are as a couple.

Second, we needed someone mobile! I knew that I wanted to find a unique place to take our photos, and I had sooo many ideas. We decided to skip the 'studio' photos and go with locations that we loved. The first location we chose was the Anchorage Museum! As soon as Jovell suggested it, I knew that that's where we were going first. We took photos in front of beautiful art and even got a chance to hang out in the Art of Fandom exhibit! Then, we took the photos outside to the beautifully lit walkway in the museum's park. Those blue twinkly lights are LIFE. For our final location, we took it back to a family home with a huge yard and let the pups run free. How Alaskan is that?!

Lastly, I wanted to go with someone I already knew on a personal level. This was important because I needed to make sure that Max and I were 100% comfortable in front of the camera, which we were! I feel like you can always tell when someone is uncomfortable in photos, so choosing Jovell as our photographer was a no-brainer!

Here are some of my favorite photos from our engagement shoot! Can you say 'power couple'?!

Check out more of Jovell's work on Instagram @jovell and stay tuned for more of Malie's Wedding Update!

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