The Best Low-Budget Commercial Ever

So, I'm browsing Facebook today, as per usual, and I stumble across this gem.

Can we PLEASE talk about the low budget inflatable air dancer in the beginning?!   

This has got to be one of the funniest commercials I've ever seen! It's for a no-kill animal shelter called Furkids and, after watching this awesome video, I decided to do some research into what they do at Furkids.

Furkids mission is:

* To provide a no-kill shelter for our rescued animals where they can experience the best care in a loving environment until they are adopted.
* To find permanent, loving, homes for our rescued animals.
* To inform the public about pet overpopulation, promote sterilization and provide information for low-cost high-quality spay/neuter organizations.

Well, I like what I'm seeing! Remember y'all, #adoptdontshop

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