Girl Gets Whole Plane To Herself

Beth was headed to Washington D.C. when her original flight from Rochester, NY was cancelled. Seems likely for this time of year when flying, but she ended up getting pretty lucky.

When her flight was originally cancelled, the passengers were accidentally moved to the "crew only" flight. The airline quickly realized its mistake, contacted the affected people and put them on an earlier flight. However, Beth made her way back to her parents’ house to wait until the later flight and missed the announcement.

Beth said she only realized something was wrong when she noticed she was the only one in the gate waiting area. An airline agent questioned her about taking the flight before stating “I knew this would happen.” She took the flight as the sole passenger and got the picture to prove it. She shared the selfie full of empty cabin seats. The funniest part is that the airplane staff still had to go thru the safety demonstrations.

Beth did say that she didn't order any food or drink since it was a short flight, just an hour long, but wondered if she'd been given special treatment if she had. Hilarious!

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