Destination: Glacier Melt Vodka!

It's easy to find Anchorage Distillery's Glacier Melt Vodka in Anchorage... it's in the name! But what about when you're traveling around the rest of this amazing state?!

From Fairbanks to Homer, you'll find Glacier Melt Vodka on liquor store shelves, so you never have to miss out on mixing those cocktails when you're traveling. Ice cold Glacier Melt Vodka is a must when you're looking to get the party started!
I love making fun drinks for my friends, family, and myself during our fun Alaskan adventures!

Try some for yourself at the Anchorage Distillery Tasting Room just off of Dowling on A Street!

Glacier Melt Vodka, catch the true Alaskan spirit!!!

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