Experimenting With Glacier Melt Vodka

I wouldn't call myself the best chef out there, but I do love mixing up drinks for family and friends!

Now, while I'm no master mixologist, I have to say that Glacier Melt Vodka from Anchorage Distillery is the biggest hit when it comes to making cocktails! It's so smooth that you could shoot it straight, or combine it with some fun flavors to make an awesome drink.

This was true for my own spin on a White Walker Martini!

While at a friends house watching Game Of Thrones this week, we thought it would be a fun idea to create something that went well with binge watching the show.

Now, while this cocktail might not be as blue as the White Walkers, it's just as cold! I took some freezing Glacier Melt Vodka and threw it in the shaker with some grape Gatorade. Then, I topped the whole thing off with some grape flavoring/color and a little bubbly! I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! It was very refreshing and definitely purple!!!

Take your watch night to the next step with spirits from Anchorage Distillery and check out more of their recipes, like the Wild Float, by clicking the link!

Glacier Melt Vodka. Catch the true Alaskan spirit!

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