Great BBQ Cocktails

This last weekend, I was officially dubbed the "Queen of Cocktails" at my friends going away BBQ and it's all thanks to Anchorage Distillery's Glacier Melt Vodka!

I decided that I didn't want just boxed wine at this BBQ, so I grabbed a few ingredients and headed out!

Picnic Anchorage Mule

I snagged the Anchorage Mule recipe from Anchorage Distillery's website and put my own little spin on it!

Instead of using regular ginger beer, I prefer a ginger ale because it's got more carbonation and less spice. I decided I'd go with fresh lime juice for the cocktail and then used that lime as the garnish! Mix it all together in a little mason jar cup and ta-dah! You've got the BBQ version of an Anchorage Mule!

I had so much fun playing bartender for my friends. Glacier Melt Vodka is a great addition to those get-togethers because it's so easy to mix! Snag a bottle for yourself today or ask for it by name.

Glacier Melt Vodka. Catch the true Alaskan spirit!

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