Catch Your Own Dinner

A new Japanese restaurant in New York City lets you reel in your own dinner. Yep, at Zauo restaurant you can actually get in a boat and fish for your dinner. 

Zauo, a Japan-based restaurant, will be opening a three-floor location in Chelsea, DNAinfo reported. On the first two floors, patrons will be able to sit in a boat to fish and dine from a fish tank, which will house around 10 different types of fish. The third floor will serve sushi and more “high-end” meals. (The Daily Meal)

In 2015, ZAUO's New York president Takuya Takahashi told VICE that the chain was scouting locations in New York and San Francisco.

“By preparing and eating fish that you have caught yourself, you can be truly grateful for life,” Takahashi said at the time.

In addition to sashimi, sushi and other fish-based dishes, a tentative menu filed with the board includes entrees like wagyu beef, vegetable tempura, soups and salads.

Novice fishermen won’t have to worry about going hungry, the restaurant’s website notes.  “If you are having a difficult time catching a fish, you can ask the staff and they will give you some advice,” it says.

The restaurant is expected to open at the beginning of next year.

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