My Ankle Hurts...

If you remember August of last year, you probably know that I had a REALLY bad ankle injury.

I stepped wrong off of a step while house/dog sitting and landed wrong on my ankle. Well, it was definitely the most painful injury I've ever had.

Here's my live Facebook video from just after the incident that I posted back in August.

Sounds painful, right?

Well, I didn't see a doctor for a WEEK after this happened! I thought that if I just iced and elevated it, it would be fine. That was not the case.

My foot started turning green and squishy and FINALLY, I stopped by and saw my friends at Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists on Lake Otis. They took X-Rays of my ankle and were able to see exactly what the problem was and recommend a good physical therapist for me!

Now, my ankle feels amazing! There's almost no indication that I had an injury in the first place!

Summer is practically here, and I know you want to be at your best to do those fun activities like camping with friends and family! If you're having ailments from the knee down, go see the Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists today!

Check them out online at as well. Just let them know I sent you!

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