#CaseyB's Journey in the Audi Q5

Look at this stallion! So much fun driving around in the all new Audi Q5 from Kendall Audi of Anchorage. Performance engineering at its best.

My friend picked me up the other day in their family Fiesta sedan thingy and driving on the highway was scary. I asked them, "Dude, you feel safe driving this?"... His response, "NO!" It was topping out at 57 MPH and felt like it was about to fall apart. Why would you risk your family in something you don;t even feel safe in? Told them to jump into my Audi Q5 just to see the difference in satisfaction of personal safety. He was shocked to actually feel the comfort and how safe you feel while driving on Alaskan roads. 

So, what did he do 2 days later??? He went and talked to Ross down at Kendall Audi of Anchorage. Test drove a couple different Audi's including the Q5 and the all new Audi Q7! The look of his wife's face knowing he was thinking about the safety of his family instead of driving around his cheap, college car was a moment of a boy becoming a man... a family man! 

And that's really what it's all about. If you don't feel safe driving in your car by yourself and worried that your engine may fall out. Then just think how your family feels.

Give piece of mind a chance. Test drive the all new Audi Q5 today at Kendall Audi of Anchorage today.


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