A Robot That Delivers Your Pizza

Your late-night pizza binges and lazy Saturday morning bagel orders are about to get a futuristic upgrade thanks to a new kind of a delivery service that replaces man with machine. 

A company in the San Francisco Bay area claims they’ve perfected the design for a robot that could soon be dropping off your pizza.

The Marble robotics company will begin testing food deliveries around San Francisco with their fleet of “intelligent courier robots.”

These machines look kind of like an office copier on wheels and use a combination of supercomputers, high-res 3D maps, cameras, and sensors to navigate the city.

Unfortunately, they can’t climb up steps – but they do have a built-in security system so thieves can’t steal your order along the way. 

On one hand, it’s a bummer that pizza delivery workers could be obsolete because of gadgets like this. But on the other hand, all we really want is reliable service. If the pizza is on time and fresh, we’re happy. (Vice)


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