March Update with The Alaska Club

March 2017

Weight: 185.2

Body Fat %: 31.5

Diet: Clean

This last month has been a roller coaster of emotions when it comes to my weightloss progress. I see my trainer, Logan, twice a week and the workouts are getting TOUGH! I haven't worked some of these muscles in forever. Let's just say that I'm definitely living sore.

There have been a few ups and downs. I've gained weight and a little bit of body fat % back, but I know it's also because I stopped my Tuesday/Thursday workouts and started going out on the weekends more. A great way to combat this is by going to my workouts EVERY day. Going out with friends is fine if I keep everything in moderation!

Moderation: the word of the month. I have so many weaknesses that I'm just now acknowledging. Like binge watching Netflix or eating cheese... I think I've finally realized the problem though!

I don't know how to meal prep.

I've seen sooo many amazing tutorials on food prep and I have a bunch of fitness cook books, but for some reason, I can't seem to implement these things into my routine!

Luckily, Logan's girlfriend is a close friend and is amazing at meal prepping! I'm excited to learn whatever I can. Without set meals, I tend to snack until I'm stuffed. Not good!

On the other hand, my workouts are getting better and better! I'm noticing that I'm feeling more motivated to sweat when I'm at the gym now. Logan is really cracking down on the discipline I need for these workouts and my stamina is getting so much better. Still can't do a solid five push-ups though...

"Stackers" are my favorite ab exercises right now. Video below!

I haven't really noticed a lot of weight loss in my profile, but I do feel as though I can do more now. I've noticed some parts getting smaller while others get bigger, so I guess it's all part of the process!

After Miss America, I noticed that I was gaining weight in a lot of different places than before. Fat was depositing differently on my body after I'd lost it all not long before I started gaining it back! I'm wondering if my body is trying to mold into it's old shape.

I will say that the sauna's at the Alaska Club are a God-send. After I've crushed cardio, I normally go in the sauna to burn more calories and to keep my muscles warm to avoid cramping. I'm in LOVE with the spa at The Summit. I also am obsessed with the fact that I can relax with a glass of wine after a good workout!

If you're trying to get into shape or get back on the wagon with working out, go to to see more about memberships. I honestly wouldn't be as motivated as I am now without the amazing people at The Alaska Club and my trainer.

It's worth it to feel better, look better, and be better. Never settle! I'm re-learning to love myself and the skin I'm in.

Here are a few fitness memes I made to help keep you motivated ;)

(I don't own the photos or phrases, just mashed them together from what I found on Pinterest)

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