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Here Are Common Negative Phrases You Really Should Flip Around

There's a bunch of "negative" phrases we say all the time without even realizing it. Tanya Rad shared she recently saw a TikTok which pointed out some common phrases we should flip.

There is science behind this: The brain is wired to filter out whatever you are not directly focused on. If we focus on the positive instead, we will filter out the negative.

Phrases to flip:

- (When something is funny) “I’m dead…I’m dying…” Instead say “I’m living for that!”

- (When you’re dreading something) “Oh my God, kill me”… Instead say “I will he so happy when I get through this…and stronger for it.”

- (When you forget something) “I’m so stupid!”… Instead say “I will do better”

- Even saying “I’m sick”… Instead say “I’m healing”

Listen back to hear more:

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