Lester Holt Shares How COVID-19 Will Change Human Interaction Forever

Lester Holt is taking us around the world globally for the latest on the deadly, spreading COVID-19 virus with NBC News Special Report: Coronavirus Pandemic on Tuesday, April 7. The news anchor shared on-air with Ryan Seacrest on Monday, April 6, he believes societal norms will forever be changed following quarantine.

“The weird thing about this is every place seems to be having a different experience,” Lester shared while discussing the stats. “Right now the U.S. and Spain is having perhaps the worst experience and it's hard to pinpoint why.”

Lester noted that the majority of the population has proven to want to help, doing their part with the government enforced social distancing and #SaferAtHome restrictions, but that a return to normal will take some time.

“I think we’re all trying to figure out — this is not going to be one day they’re going to say, ‘Oh, it’s done. It’s over, resume your normal life’ so it's going to be little baby steps,” he shared. “I think the shaking of hands is probably going to become a relic … It’s hard to imagine what that’s going to be, going back sitting in a bar with friends or sitting on a high-top somewhere sharing a beer and a meal but I think we’re adaptable creatures. I think we’ll figure it out.”

Lester noted that some may also continue to work from home as it becomes the new norm and it will potentially lessen common colds and the spread of more viruses as we learn from the pandemic.

During Lester’s one-hour broadcast, a team of the network’s correspondents from around the world will provide critical real-time information with the latest developments surrounding COVID-19. Viewers can also submit questions to NBC’s Coronavirus crisis team. Catch the special Tuesday night at 10pm ET across NBC, MSNBC and NBC’s News Now in collaboration with Facebook.

Listen back to Seacrest’s interview with Lester above for more.

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