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It's an Octopus Life

When my son Max was in kindergarten, he told me octopuses have three hearts….since then, I’ve been so curious about how an octopus lives.

Let’s dive into an octopuses world, shall we?

Octopuses are curious creatures. They can solve puzzles, get around a maze, use tools correctly, and can camouflage themselves in any environment. Not to mention their giant brains.

Reports now say that octopuses can edit genetic components to quickly sculpt their brain when they need to adapt in their environment.

Researchers knew Octopuses are smart, but these new reports show their adaptability and their possible ability to mutate in our own bodies is real.

Octopuses are one of the smartest spineless animals on the planet…not to mention their sophisticated brains and complex nervous systems. Other animals with such big brains would usually need to be treated with care.

A human brain is encased in a skull, living in oxygen, and works at a stable body temperature. A human spends a lot of energy maintaining a constant temperature……….not an octopus.

An octopus can change its genetic recipes as it explores its surroundings. They can overcome daily challenges with a unique trick hidden inside their cells. An octopus can take RNA from its body, and change it to DNA, and from there it releases proteins that make up our bodies. WOW!

So, in short, the DNA is the ingredients, and the RNA is the recipe.

Scientists are very interested to see if this can be used in humans for pain relief or cures for diseases.

Well….the more you know!

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