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Tasty Food News

Subway, slice fresh ...

Subway restaurants are getting something they've never had in their entire existence -- a deli slicer.

Up until now, each Subway location received their deli meats pre-sliced, but that's about to change.

Following the lead of competing sandwich shops like Jimmy John's and Jersey Mike's -- both of which slice their meats in-house -- Subway says it will soon begin to slice their own and it will result in a better sandwich. Subway CEO John Chidsey recognizes that the customers will appreciate the visual of the meats being freshly sliced, but it will also save the company money because it's more expensive for them to purchase the meats pre-sliced.

The only tricky part now will be training all of the workers at their 38,000 locations on how to safely use the slicer.

Order food through your TV … 

As if having food delivered to your home isn't already easy enough, Roku is teaming up with DoorDash to make ordering food through your TV an actual thing.

The idea is that people planted on their couch watching TV like to order food -- they're not wrong.

So, the companies are planning new interactive advertisements where a QR code will appear on the TV screen, allowing viewers to order food from the advertiser. Viewers can also enter their phone number to be sent a link that directs them to a DoorDash ordering page.

So far, the first company to sign on to this new interactive advertising is Wendy's, which is trying to entice viewers to order through the TV by offering a $5 discount on orders of $15. 

Puts a whole new spin on "TV Dinners".

“Looks, cooks, tastes and flakes like ordinary fish” … 

That’s the advertisement for a new plant-based seafood line that’s starting to gain traction in Toronto.

New School Foods spent the last three years developing a plant-based salmon that, they say, is as close to the real thing as it gets. The plant-based salmon will even be sold in raw form, so you can watch it cook like you would any other fish.

The creators behind it said they used ocean algae, pea and soy proteins and omega-rich oils to create their product. Investors are hopping on the train quickly, especially considering there’s nothing else like this in the market.

Would you try it?

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