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HOT TOPICS | 01.25.23

Teacher’s Mental Health Check In Is Going Global

Erin Castillo at John F. Kennedy High School in Fremont, California wants to make sure her students are okay, so she came up with a creative way to do so. Now it’s going global. She made a mental health check in chart for the kids. 

They write their name on the back of a post-it note and put it next to options like “I’m great,” “I’m okay,” “I’m struggling” and even “I’m in a really dark place.”

Now teachers from as far away as Africa and New Zealand are reaching out to create their own and teachers are now sharing their boards on Instagram.

Neil Patrick Harris Reprises His Barney Stinson Role In “HIMYF”:

Barney is back! Neil Patrick Harris is reprising his role as Barney Stinson for the second season of “How I Met Your Father.”

The news comes after Netflix canceled his series “Uncoupled.” Barney made an appearance in the show’s season two premiere as Hilary Duff’s character hits his car.

As far as what Harris’ plotline will be, we will have to wait, but he will be a recurring character.

Hormel Teams With Brewer For A Chili Cheese Beer:

Just in time for the big game, HORMEL and Minneapolis-based Modist Brewing Co. are releasing a rather unique Super Bowl beer. 

HORMEL Chili Cheese Brew is inspired by the brand's chili cheese dip recipe. It's on sale now online while supplies last. You can buy the brew for a limited time here.

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