Kylie & Kendall Have Tequila In The Works???

Hannah Farrell is convinced that the Jenners are about to get into the liquor business after spotting a bottle of 818 Añejo Tequila in the background. At this point, the brand doesn’t exist. She’s convinced that the sisters named it after the area code in Calabasas where they live.

“Somebody call Kris Jenner. I’ve cracked it,” Hanna said in her first video. “I’ve looked into this tequila. I think this is Kylie’s new tequila that she’s going to bring out. Call me anytime, Kris.” After a little more digging, she concluded that it must be Kendall’s brand. The kicker was when she saw that Kendall had liked her post. You can check out the videos on the right…

Source:Hannah Farrell