Bride Makes 92 Year Old Grandma Her Flower Girl

The bride is always the center of attention at her wedding, but Abby Mershon of Minnesota was more than happy to share some of it with her very special flower girl.

Guests were probably expecting an adorable child in a puffy white dress to walk down the aisle tossing rose pedals. What they got instead was the bride's adorable 92-year-old grandmother tossing flowers as she sauntered down the aisle with her walker.

The crowd cheered as Georgiana Arlt, a grandmother of 17 and great-grandmother of 16, fulfilled her granddaughter's wish.

Abby said, "I always knew that my grandma would be involved, and I really wanted my grandpa to be my ring bearer as well, but he passed away a year ago. My husband and I asked her together to be our flower girl in front of our entire family. My grandma shrieked at the top of her lungs. It was so sweet. She kept screaming, 'I've never been in a wedding besides my own.'" (ABC News)

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