DONATE HERE | Let's Support SOAK Together!

Freezin' For A Reason; SOAKed For A Cause; whatever the catchphrase is to get you excited to plunge into frigid Goose Lake, we are going to have so much FUN!

Whether you're ready to jump on in or you're Too Cool To Plunge, you can help make a big difference in the lives of SOAK (Special Olympics Alaska) athletes by donating. A dollar, $10, $150, $2,000, it doesn't matter how large or small your donation is, every gift impacts our wonderful neighbors. SOAK Athletes give their time and kindness to our community always and it's time to return the favor!

While my fundraising goal is humble, don't let that stop you from giving what you're willing! It is the season of giving so let's come together to give back to a staple organization in our community.

Reminder: this donation process is fast, easy, and secure! Share the link with friends! You can remain anonymous if you like, but I'll be shouting out anyone who leaves their name with their donation on 101.3 KGOT the rest of this week!


Advice for plungers (first-timers or vets): Your fear is bigger than the cold!!! I remember standing on the edge of that ice for the first time feeling frozen, not by the cold, but by my intense anxiety. The only reason I made it into the water was because of a friend holding my hand and jumping with me... I wish I would've remembered that I'm capable of ANYTHING! Not only was jumping into that frigid water FUN (I know, I'm crazy!) but it was also so refreshing. It gave me mental and visual clarity that I haven't experienced before and was the best reminder that I can do anything I set my mind to. You won't regret plunging, I promise!!!

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