CaseyB | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly | 11-8-21

GOOD: Treasure Hunters Say They’re Close To $20 Billion Find

A group of treasure hunters say they’re “meters away” from finding booty they’ve been on the hunt for since 1987. Finland’s “Lemminkainnen Hoard” treasure is purported to be worth up to $20-billion.

The whereabouts of this mysterious treasure was said to be revealed to the “Treasure Twelve” by a “mystic just before their death,” and they think it rests in “labyrinth cave complex near Helsinki.”

To be fair, the treasure’s existence has never been officially confirmed, but those looking for it believe it contains “50K gemstones, several 18-carat gold life-size human statues, and more than a thousand artifacts dating back thousands of years.” Source: Oddity Central

BAD: Alleged Rioter May Have Accidentally Revealed Explosive Cache On Zillow

Former Green Beret Jeremy Brown is already facing some hot water for his alleged involvement in the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol. However, what was found on his Zillow ad while trying to sell his home might end up making things worse.

Among the home pics for the home for sale was a photo of a whiteboard. On that whiteboard appear to be categories for a survivalist’s inventory with headings like “food,” “clothing,” “shelter,” currency,” “shoot,” and others. What caught the attention of the FBI was something under the “shoot” heading that read “flash bangs” that were labeled as “on hand.”

Since Brown isn’t “registered to possess explosive devices,” it’s no wonder the FBI’s attention was piqued. An investigation and search are currently underway to see if he actually has those “flash bangs on hand.” Source: The Daily Beast

UGLY: Brother Finds Long-Lost Sibling After 24 Years…And Stabs Him

Normally when you hear a “long lost sibling” story it has a sappy ending. This is NOT one of those stories. Back in 1997, Ivo Rabasner “went missing” from his brother’s life and stayed that way for 24 years. Then, out of nowhere, he showed up at his brother, Martin’s, place to pay him a visit…and attacked him.

You know, allegedly. As the story goes, Ivo had been staking Martin’s house out and sleeping in a tent nearby in the woods. Reportedly angry about “the terms of their inheritance,” Ivo stabbed Martin in the lung to take out what’s being called by a lawyer as a long-standing grudge. Martin is currently hospitalized with what are being described as “serious injuries.” Source: The Times

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