FOOD NEWS | We've Discovered F Street's Secret!

After years of wondering where on the planet F Street Station has been finding those gigantic blocks of cheese... I think we've discovered the truth.

Tillamook recently announced that the cheesemaker is now selling 40-pound blocks of cheese on their website. The "Mother Loaf" blocks will be limited edition and will be available on National Cheddar Day, of course. (February 13th @ 8pm PT)

Only 25 of the massive blocks of cheese will be sold, and they will retail for $112. Tillamook will also have other specialty cheesy items for sale like sweatpants, shorts, bags, dog toys, and nail polish. No, not made of cheese, just cheese-themed.

So, if those typical sized blocks of cheese in the grocery store just don't do it for you, look no further!

This got me thinking... If you could only eat one type of cheese for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Let me know!

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