Raccoon Makes Surprise Appearance In Florida Woman's Christmas Tree

A Florida woman was shocked by an early-morning visitor that made itself at home in her Christmas tree. It seems that a raccoon holed up inside the tree and came out for a look in the early morning hours. 

Aubrey Iacobelli was woken up by her dog growling and when she asked Alexa to turn on the lights, she was her dog staring at the Christmas tree and barking. Upon further inspection, she noticed a fury body inside the branches and ran to the kitchen and grabbed a frying pan. 

Seems her dog spotted the raccoon in the tree and jumped on it, knocking the tree over. That's when the raccoon made a mad dash and jumped on her chandelier where it swung back and forth for about 30 minutes. After chasing the raccoon around her house for an hour, it finally went back outside by using the dog door it had used to enter the house.

Her suggestion is for people to simply call animal control instead of trying to handle the situation yourself.

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