These New Star Wars Rugs Are Actually Super Stylish

When you think of Star Wars-themed rugs, you probably think of something fun for a kid's room or den. However, Ruggable's new line of washable Star Wars rugs are stylish enough to display in a home with fancy interior design. In fact, some of the patterns are so subtle that most guests wouldn't even notice the Star Wars connection unless they're looking for it.

Ruggable's Star Wars line of rugs takes inspiration from ships and characters from the saga in 20 artsy, intricate styles. Prices range from $109 to $399 with free shipping depending on the size, which runs from 2.5' x 7' to an 8' round. Plus, the rug cover on each can be removed and cleaned in your washer and dryer.

You can shop Ruggable's entire collection of Star Wars rugs right here while they last. We've included a handful of our favorite designs in the gallery below.