The D-List: 'Tyga Bites', Cameron Diaz on Quarantine, and more!

Tyga Launches Delivery-Only Virtual Chicken Restaurant, 'Tyga Bites'

Tyga has come up with an idea that could launch him into the history books. “Tyga Bites” is the name of his delivery-only virtual chicken restaurant. 

Talking with TMZ, Tyga explained how his virtual restaurant would work. He’ll work with 500 restaurants and teach them how to make his oven-baked chicken tenders.

Tyga says his tenders are antibiotic-free, baked, boneless, and will come with twelve sauces, and you can get “Tyga Tots” on the side in either regular or sweet potato options. 

For the not-so-healthy, there will be chocolate chip cookies for dessert. The concept is to help restaurants that are struggling. 

Zayn Malik's Mom ‘Likes’ Pictures With Harry Styles & Fans Think It's Proof The 1D Boys Are Still Friends

One Direction fans think they have proof that the guys in the group are still friends. Zayn has said that he and his One Direction bandmates, “never really spoke,” however, his Zayn’s mother seems to be painting a different picture. 

Zayn’s mother went on a spree of “liking” several One Direction pictures including one with her son and Harry Styles, and a collage of photoshopped images of the band’s faces together. 

Fans took Tricia’s likes as a sign that Zayn and Harry are in a good space. With some even tweeting how weird it would be for Zayn’s mother to be liking pictures of her son and Harry if they weren’t in a good place. 

Eminem's Team Confirms New Rihanna Track Was False Alarm

The new Eminem and Rihanna track is a false alarm everyone, no need to get excited. 

That is the word from Burn It Down Group, a marketing team that shared an image of Eminem’s logo along with Rihanna’s “R” that sent fans into a frenzy about a possible new collaboration, however, the group says it was just a false alarm. 

"If you do the research you'll find that during these days 6 years ago we was promoting The Monster tour," reads the statement. "I salute you but there is nothing going on."

So there you have it, there’s no Eminem/Rihanna collabo, yet.

Cameron Diaz Explains The Best Part Of Parenting During The Pandemic

Cameron Diaz appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday. 

During the discussion, Diaz talked about spending time with her newborn girl Raddix during the pandemic.

She said, "Before my baby was an excuse to stay home, now I don't have to make that excuse. It's just what it is. I get to be with her." 

Diaz also said she enjoys spending time with her husband Benji Madden. She continued, "The best part of it for having to stay within our little bubble within this COVID situation is that her dad, my husband Benji, he gets to be home. He works from home. So we're just having a lot of gratitude for that."

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