The D-List: Cornelius Cornbread, The Sims Reality TV Show, and more!

Black Cat's Expressive and Adorable 'Eyebrows' Have Made Him an Internet Sensation

A black cat with unique eyebrows from Tennessee is becoming an Internet sensation. 

Cornelius Cornbread is a black Bombay cat from Nashville and as of July 7, 2020, has over 7,000 Instagram followers. The main reason he’s such a superstar is because of his unique eyebrows. Cornelius’ owner says his eyebrows have a lack of fur and the white skin underneath his brow area gives the effect that he has well-groomed white eyebrows. 

Karen Mellette, Cornelius’ owners, describes the cat as "a loving, highly intelligent, inquisitive, confident, sassy daredevil who expects to be the center of attention and is completely unrelenting if his demands are not immediately complied with." 

Billie Eilish Was Almost Sent To Therapy By Her Parents Because of Justin Bieber

So remember when Billie Eilish was surprised by Justin Bieber in 2019 at Coachella? The girl played it pretty cool but her mother, Maggie, says she wasn’t always cool, calm, and collected about Justin Bieber. 

Eilish and her mother recently appeared on Apple Music’s “Me and Dad” radio and Maggie revealed that she and her husband were really concerned about Billie’s obsession with Bieber. 

“I just want to say, we did consider taking you to therapy for how incredibly you were in so much pain over Justin Bieber. It was so intense, it caused you so much pain!” Maggie told Billie, who was surprised and embarrassed that her parents would go to such lengths. 

Eilish’s mother went on to say that on drives to the dance studio Billie would cry when listening to Justin Bieber’s song, “As Long As You Love Me,” Billie then recalled, “I would watch the music video for this song and just sob.”

Jude Law To Play Captain Hook ?

Jude Law might be the villain in Disney's latest live-action fairy tale.

Law is in talks to play Captain Hook in the upcoming Peter Pan and Wendy movie.

Variety says the deal is not done just yet.

Peter Pan and Wendy will be developed for a theater release and not a Disney Plus premiere.

‘The Sims’ Is Getting a Reality TV Show

The Sims is getting a reality TV show. However, it will star real people, no Sims

The reality TV show is called The Sims Spark'd and will be a reality competition show.

Contestants will have to build the most unique characters, worlds, and stories in order to win a $100,000 prize.

In a press release The Sims general manager said, "Since its inception, The Sims has been a groundbreaking experience, allowing players to create and virtually live out the stories they create in-game. We’re continuing that innovative spirit, bringing our community together to compete and showcase their in-game storytelling on a reality show in an entirely new way."

The Sims Spark'd is set to premiere on July 17 on TBS.

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