The D-List: 'Jeapordy' Flub, 'Twilight' Author's Countdown, and more!

"Jeopardy" Contestant Mistakes Janet Jackson For Ariana Grande

A Jeopardy contestant got his pop stars mixed up on Wednesday night.

After a video clue showed a clip of Janet Jackson performing her 1986 song Nasty at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, Alwin Hui buzzed in with the answer of who the artist was.

He said, "Who Is Ariana Grande?"

Social media was done. Many people razzed Hui's answer. Some came to his defense because Janet was wearing a long ponytail so it could have slightly resembled Grande's look.

Watch the cringey clip below!

John Wick 4 Release Date In Doubt As Keanu Reeves Has To Finish Filming The Matrix 4 First

Fans who were hyped about seeing back to back movies featuring Keanu Reeves on May 21, 2021 will possibly have to prepare themselves for a double dose of The Matrix 4 instead. 

Previous to the Coronavirus, Reeves was set to star in both John Wick 4 and The Matrix 4, which would release on the same day in 2021. Now with productions stalled and no idea of when they will resume a lot of studios and directors are waiting to see how the virus will play out before committing to release dates. 

There hasn’t been much information regarding John Wick 4, however, we do know Carrie-Anne Moss, who played Neo’s girlfriend, Trinity, will join the fourth installment of The Matrix along with Jada Pinkentt-Smith who played Niobe.

Disney Introduces Cloth Face Masks

Face coverings will become a part of your wardrobe for a little while. You might as well have a variety.

Disney has come out with an official line of cloth face masks.

Designs feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Baby Yoda, The Hulk, The Disney Princesses, and more. You can buy a pack of four at for $19.99.

Disney will donate 1 million masks and will also contribute the profits up to $1 million to Medshare, an organization providing medical assistance to underserved communities.

The Author of “Twilight” Has a Countdown on Her Website, and No One Knows What It’s For

Stephenie Meyer, bestselling author of the Twilight saga has everyone in a tizzy.

She has a countdown clock on her website but no one knows what it is counting down to.

The clock will end on May 4th at 8:30am EST.

There is a link that leads to the social media for Fickle Fish Film, the production company cofounded by Meyer that produced The Host & Austenland movies.

There are some theories about the countdown clock. One theory is that is she is counting down to something related to The Host,

Another theory is that it's a countdown to a livestream? Maybe Twilight related?

The most popular theory is that she is finally releasing Midnight Sun.

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