The D-List: Ciara's Gender Reveal, Cardi B says "stop crying", and more!

Ciara And Russell Wilson Do Gender Reveal For Baby

Ciara and Russell Wilson are having a boy.

The couple shared the news in a gender reveal video posted to Instagram.

Joined by their other children, Russell and Ciara fired off handheld cannons that released blue smoke and confetti in the air.

This will be Ciara's third child and her second with Wilson. Future is the father of her first son.

Did Katy Perry Confirm A Las Vegas Residency?

When Las Vegas reopens for travelers, there might be a new artist for people to see.

Katy Perry hinted that she might be the next performer to launch a residency.

On a Facebook chat last Sunday, A fan asked Perry if she would be doing a Vegas residency. 

With a wink and a smile, Perry responded, "Hey Patrick, that one was for you." Not an official confirmation but it's a possible hint.

Sesame Street’s Pandemic Special for Kids Airs Tuesday Night

Tonight's Sesame Street pandemic special, Elmo's Playdate, will show kids how to play and sing together even while apart during the Coronavirus with appearances by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anne Hathaway, Tracee Ellis Ross and more.

Big Bird stopped the CBS This Morning for some advice for kids during the pandemic, telling kids who are scared or lonely during the pandemic "that even though things are different right now, we're all in this together. It's important to help out and be kind."

Big Bird also says kids can get up and dance to get some exercise and also said singing the Sesame Street theme song can help kids make sure they wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. 

Elmo's Playdate airs Tuesday night at 7pm on HBO, TBS, TNT and at PBS Kids online.

Cardi B Urges Twitter Followers to Stay at Home Amid COVID-19

Rapper Cardi B is using her Twitter platform to encourage her 11 million followers to stop whining, stop crying and just stay home.

Even though Cardi B is frustrated by the current situation as well, she tweeted, Target and Walmart are open, and they are considered "essential." I love my high-end clothes, but target T-shirts and tights will do! Stop crying and stay home!

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