CaseyB Blog: Selling Your Home? CLEAN IT!!!

Solid reminder from my friend Sheila Monson, Alaska Living and Real estate, to CLEAN and DE-CLUTTER your house before even thinking of selling it. Sheila always gives helpful tips in the real estate market every morning in the #MonsonMinute.

I've been to open houses and have seen places that look like the owners forgot to clean the place before the showing. Grease on the stove. Dead flies just chillin' on the window sill or in the light fixture. Dog poo all over the back yard. GROSS!!! Take the time to clean your house before the first showing. Potential buyers will look at that and think if they don't take care of these things now, what else is wrong with this place.

Door handle loose, fix it. Hole in the wall, fix it. Toothpaste on the bathroom mirror, fix it!

Simple housecleaning can go a long with with first impressions. Buyers will over look the outdated cabinets or lime green wall in your bedroom. Everyone thinks they are on HGTV and will think of ways of updating your your. But most, can't look past dirt, mold, grease and filth.

Tune in weekdays, we chat with Seila Monson about the Alaska real estate market and helpful tips about buying or selling your home. If you need to get the ball rolling on your next investment, give Sheila a call 909.841.0840 or visit her website @

~Casey B

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