CaseyB BLOG: Sheila Monson Takes The Extra Step

Hey friends, thanks for taking the time from your day to visit my page. You could have kept scrolling but you decided to stop because you have an interest in the Alaska real estate market.

Sheila Monson, Alaska Living and Real Estate, has been on fire to kick off the new year, and already the leading single selling agent in the state with those that listed on MLS. So, what is Sheila doing that is helping Alaska buy and sell their homes with ease? It's taking the extra step for her clients and informing them of the entire process, so they don't feel left in the dark. So many programs out there for buyers and sellers that are not being used for their advantage. Sheila will help you get those grants, notes and loans needed for your investment.

If you have any questions, don't be shy, Sheila would love to talk to about the current market both in Anchorage or the Valley. You'd be surprised what a short drive out to the Valley could expand your future, not only land, but also your dollar. 907.841.0840

Maybe the time isn't right quite yet. That's ok. Visit for updates on properties and also FREE classes on investing in Alaska throughout the year.

Let her know you heard it on the #MonsonMinute with CaseyB om 101.3 KGOT. Go ahead and name drop, I don't mind. I love keeping my friends and listeners in the loop of the people I trust, and Sheila is one that I would trust with buying and selling my home.


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