The D-List: Jennifer Garner, Funny Weather Reports, and more!

Selena Gomez Gives 'Rare' Acoustic Performance

Selena Gomez recently gave fans a stripped down acoustic performance of her song, “Rare.”

In a live performance from Los Angeles’ Village Studio, Selena gave fans a raw performance of the song accompanied only by an acoustic guitar. 

Selena’s performance is emotional, which is different from what you hear on her number one album of the same name. You can check out the video of her “Rare” acoustic performance on YouTube. 

Jennifer Garner Said She’ll Ship Girl Scout Cookies To You If You Email Her

We aren’t worthy of Jennifer Garner! The actress recently took to her Instagram to help fans who may not be able to find a Girl Scout Cookie representative in their area. 

In the short video, Garner is seen struggling to hold Girl Scout Cookie boxes as more boxes are being piled on top of her. 

“...tell us why you’re missing your Girl Scout Cookies and we’ll send out a box to you,” said Garner in the video. You can find the email address on Garner's Instagram page, @jennifer.garner.

Supplies are limited so you better get your email off quickly and make sure to have a good reason why you need your Thin Mint fix.

Pete Davidson Addresses Ariana Grande Break-Up In Comedy Special

Pete Davidson was able to tell his own truth in his Netflix comedy special that debuted on Tuesday.

In the set, Davidson got the chance to talk about his ex, Ariana Grande.

Davidson alluded to rumors that Grande didn't really know that Davidson was a popular comedian when they started dating. 

Pete also talked about a run-in with Louis C.K. and the controversy on Saturday Night Live over Texas politician Dan Crenshaw. 

Heinz Is Making Mayoracha Sauce

Creamy and spicy is one way to describe this.

Sources say that Heinz is going to release a mayonnaise and sriracha sauce called Mayoracha.

The sauce is not out yet but it could be on grocery store shelves soon.

Heinz has already put out other combo sauces like Mayochup (Mayo and Ketchup), Mayomust (Mayo and Mustard) and Kranch (Ketchup and Ranch).

Reporter Delivers Weather Update With Facebook Filters On 

A North Carolina reporter delivered his weather update with googly eyes and wizard hats after accidentally turning on Facebook filters.

WLOS reporter Justin Hinton was covering the snowfall in MadisonCounty and filed a live report on the station's Facebook page.  

But he didn't realize that the filters were turned on, which added crazy animations like sunglasses, dog ears, a robot helmet, and a big white beard to his serious-toned report.

While viewers were cracking up, Hinton had no idea until he saw the comments. He's taking it in stride, posting "If you can't laugh at yourself, what's the point of laughter?"

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