VIRAL: Woman Takes A Bath In Flamin' Hot Cheetos

The quest to go viral has taken a spicy turn...

A woman on Twitter posted a video of her taking a bath in Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Why you ask? NO CLUE.

The caption from @sp00kynugget said, "OMG. So needed after a stressful day." I mean... I can understand grabbing the bag and heading to the couch to binge watch Cheer... but a bath?!

Many Twitter users (myself included) were taken aback by the waste of Cheetos and wondered how hard it was to clean up.

Apparently @sp00kynugget made the video as a joke for friends and wasn't expecting it to go viral. She wasn't in the tub for long and I can only imagine all that spicy-ness getting into places where spicy don't go... *cringe*

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