CaseyB Blog: In The Market To SELL Your Home?

What time of year is best to sell your home? When should we start prepping to get our home ready for the market? Am I going to get the most out of my investment? These are a few questions just to get the ball rolling when thinking about selling your home.

The time I have spent with Sheila Monson, she has taught me so much. Not just what properties are available in my budget, but to start thinking about (the most stressful part) selling my home. Whether you're looking at selling in Anchorage or Valley, you'd be surprised about how few properties are for sell with so many buyers looking for property to invest in. Looking to upgrade or downsize? Your house might be the perfect match for a buyer in need.

Don't wait for summer to sell your home. That's when the market gets flooded with properties and new construction. Plus, moving companies sometimes have better rates in winter than in the summer when so many people are thinking the same thing you are. At least start prepping and getting the paperwork in NOW, so your home is ready for market come spring/early summer.

That's where Sheila is great at her job. She loves to teach those looking to get the process started. She makes you feel you are on the same page and speaking the same language when it comes to the next chapter in YOUR life. Quickly you will see how Sheila becomes your friend along the way and not a creepy agent.

She has a FREE class coming up on February 25th at the Keller Williams Wasilla Office at 621 Knik Goose Bay Road at 6pm.

To register and RSVP for this FREE class:

If you have any questions, call or text Sheila at 907-841-0840, also more info at

Please mention you heard about her through myself and KGOT. And listen every morning when we chat about Alaska real estate in the "Monson Minute w/ CaseyB" on 101.3 KGOT!


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Sheila Monson

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