The D-List: New Emojis in 2020, Alexa Predicts Big Game Winner, and more!

New Inclusive Emojis Announced

More than 100 new emojis will be coming to Apple devices this year.

Some of them are gender-neutral and gender-inclusive. For example, there's a woman in a tuxedo and a man in a wedding veil.

There's also the transgender symbol and the transgender flag.

Other new emojis include a cockroach, seal, polar bear, bubble tea and toothbrush.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Says "Hamilton" Movie Will Feature Original Broadway Cast

Chatter has been surrounding the possibility a movie for the hit musical Hamilton.

The show's creator Lin-Manuel Miranda gave some insight at the Sundance Film Festival. 

He told Variety, "What I'm most excited about [is] you all have that friend that is like, 'I saw it with the original cast.' We're stealing that brag from everyone because you're all going to see it with the original cast. We're just trying to find the right time to do it."

Miranda added that he hopes to work on the film "sooner than later."

First U.S. Case of Person-to-Person Spread of Coronavirus Reported

A Chicago, Illinois man has tested positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus after bieng infected by his wife, marking the first case of the virus spreading person-to-person in the United States.

The man's wife was the second person in the United States to be diagnosed with the Coronavirus after returning from a trip from Wuhan, China. The couple are in isolation in a Chicago-area hospital.

The CDC and other health organizations around the world are working rapidly to contain and find a vaccine for the Coronavirus. As of Thursday afternoon, over 8,000 cases of Wuhan Coronavirus have been confirmed.

Facebook Settles Facial Recognition Lawsuit For $550 Million

Facebook will shell out $550 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over its use of facial recognition technology.

The lawsuit accused Facebook of violating Illinois state law with its 'Tag Suggestions' service, which used facial recognition to identify people in user's photos without their permission.

But don't cry for Facebook - the $550 million settlement was mentioned as part of the company's quarterly earnings report - which declared revenues totalling more than $21 billion.

Alexa Predicts 49ers Will Win Super Bowl 

Want to know who's going to win the big game on Sunday? Just ask Alexa.

That's what USA Today writer Edward C. Baig did, and Alexa predicted a Niners victory, with the team joining the Patriots and Steelers with "a six-pack of Super Bowl wins".  Meanwhile, Baig says Siri and Google Assistant refused to predict a winner when asked.

Baig points that each voice assistant's answer might change depending on how you phrase the question. He eventually got Google to pick the Niners because "we're both from California".

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