A Convincing Case for Cutting Pizza with Scissors

That old wheel cutter in your drawer may be inhibiting your pizza satisfaction. More pizzerias and restaurants across the U.S. are taking cues from Italians and using scissors to cut off a slice of pie. HuffPost talked to plenty of chefs who encourage customers to cut pizza with scissors. 

Before you clutch your trusted cutting wheel steadfast to your chest in honor of culinary tradition, hear me out: using scissors doesn't put so much force on a pizza which means your toppings are less likely to fall off. You can also control your pizza portion by cutting up an appropriate-sized slice for yourself, whether it's a skinny or half of the 'za.

Another case for scissors? You probably have a pair lying around so it's one less piece of clutter to your kitchen. Just remember to disinfect after each use. 

MORE OF THE STORY HERE: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/pizza-scissors-italy_l_5d716e9ce4b0fd4168e7a9fd

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