Celebrity Tarot Readings 2020: Taylor Swift, Drake, Billie Eilish & More

We're approaching the conclusion of another year, but this wrap-up feels more prominent as we've reached the end of the decade. With that spirit in mind, iHeartRadio turned to the neighboring New York City tarot community for our annual end-of-year tradition to see what insight could be shared for some of our favorite stars. Earlier this month, readers Veronica Varlow and David Garfinkel sat down with us to spill some guidance on personal and professional cornerstones for stars like Taylor Swift, Drake and Billie Eilish.

Everyone has their own path, but for Varlow, the art of tarot first appeared during her childhood from her grandmother. Meanwhile, Garfinkel said that he started to invest in the cards after years of strong intuition and foresight. Even though their relationship doubles as both professional and romantic, the couple emphasized their goal in creating safe intimacy, likening the dynamic to the kind of conversation you have with a bartender. "I feel honored when I'm reading people," Varlow told iHeartRadio. "We both want to see the best in people and we want to help them out. The reason why we're doing this is we're trying to help people navigate the obstacles in their life by connecting in and giving them that confidence."

"I've told people recently that I feel like I'm able to help people on a personal level and that's very gratifying, considering I haven't done that kind of work out in the world otherwise in quite a while," Garfinkel said, adding that it's not an around the clock process. "You are taking, giving back and that exchange [is] great and leaves you like you've just expended energy."

While Varlow opted for the Modern Witch deck during our reading, Garfinkel went for the Morgan Greer spread to hone in on a specific question regarding the artist. They lit a candle, shuffled their decks and started a collaborative model that focused on each persona. Scroll on below to see what the duo had to say about some of your favorites for the 2020 year!

Taylor Swift - What will become of Taylor's highly-publicized feud with Scooter Braun?

General: Ace of Wands / Specific: Eight of Wands

Veronica: The Wands are about fire and passion. This is a new beginning. Aces are new beginnings, so this is a new beginning of fire and passion in her world. I'm feeling that this is going to be involved in a relationship. She's going to have some major relationship coming through that's going to level up, and it's going to be a new version of her.

David: It almost says to me, 'Okay, you've got the energy. Just go ahead and take the action.' It's not exactly outcome specific. It's more like action specific. Basically just like, if that's what you want, go for it. It's not a sure thing, but go ahead and do it if that's what you want. Time is now. Just do it now while you've got the energy, [and] you've got the enthusiasm. You're feeling it. You're powerful [and] at your height of your power. It's a lot of big sticks flying through the air.

Drake - Will Drake be able to top the monstrous success of Scorpion?

General: The High Priestess / Specific: The Star

Veronica: Whenever the High Priestess comes up, I always think to myself that person has some magic that they haven't even tapped into yet. It's almost like it's so good it just keeps rolling in. I feel like he's going to be really tapping into his intuition even more [and] that he's going to, dare I say it, going to be channeling music [and] channeling lyrics. . .I feel like he's going to create some new type of music. He's creating something that's going to be some level of channeling sh*t. Drake is on a cosmic trip in 2020.

David: That's a good one. It's really good with these two. The card before the Star is the Tower. The tower is things suddenly crumbling all around you. Maybe finding out you have a kid and taking some time away from doing some stuff to take care of that is a little like a tower crumbling in a way. For most of us, that might be an okay tower we can deal with. Like a superstar like Drake, we'd be like, "Okay, yeah. That's not the worst tower in the world." But the star then shows up once the tower falls. You see the star, and you're like, '"I'm inspired by that star."

Billie Eilish - How will Billie adjust to her escalating superstar fame?

General: Three of Cups / Specific: Wheel of Fortune

Veronica: [Three of Cups] is about getting your squad together. Who do you trust? Who do you want to work with? Who do you want to collaborate with? Who do you want to have fun with? She's really, in 2020 as a general reading, collaborating with a lot of people [and] going down a lot of different roads. It's going to help her have more crossover [appeal]. There's going to be a lot of expansion and it's going to be in a fun way. It's going to be in a way that's celebratory. It's good vibes all away around.

David: I drew the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune shows us king and queen-like figures on top of a spinning wheel being spun by a hand coming out of the clouds. Someone's falling off, but even in the process, they're having a good time. It's a little bit like going to the amusement park. It's time to let the universe have its way with you and take you in different directions because you got it all real well in place right now. It's very exciting and appropriate for Billie Eilish.

Justin Bieber - Will Justin be able to find a balance in his dedication to faith and new music?

General: Seven of Pentacles / Specific: Four of Swords

Veronica: In the Seven of Pentacles, there is a woman sitting and looking at the garden that she has created. She's contemplating as she looks as this garden. This is the mindset that we're going to see Justin Bieber in 2020. What that is, is really taking a look at what he's already created, and thinking about looking at what he's proud of and what he's not so proud of. Justin Bieber is growing up. We've kind of all seen him grow up in the public eye. This year is going to be a year of contemplation that is going to really set a solid foundation for his future.

David: The Four of Swords is a knight figure who is laying down. Swords are representative of ideas. This person is laying down, and has gone through a battle. In this case, the battle might be one where if Justin came out as a religious person, and wants to pursue religion, then he's had probably [having] some sort of internal discussion with himself about who he is and about what kind of person he wants to be going forward and things like that. You have a knight here who is now in a restive phase idea-wise. . . .That's an internal conflict, so you have a conflict not necessarily in a bad way, but a conflict that he had. 2020 would be a time for him around this question to think on it, basically rest on it [and] meditate on it. Before you come up with your idea, let the creative intellectual juices flow and see if you can find some way to make that work if that's what you want. The card is not giving this an actual yes or no answer in this case.

Britney Spears - How will Britney be able to obtain autonomy amidst her tightening conservatorship?

General: Six of Swords / Specific: The Hierophant

Veronica: In the Six of Swords, there is a ferry person who is bringing somebody away from. She's going to be moving away from this very rough shores and moving towards more calm shores in the future. This is a leave taking for Britney in some way. She's going to be leaving something behind that is emotionally painful for 2020. It's something that's difficult, but it's something that she needs to do to move forward to better shores for her in a mental health state, where she's going to be able to be more clear and more focused in what she needs to do. She needs to really move away and let some things go from the past to be able to move forward to her future in a clear way. This is a major card of transition.

David: The Hierophant is representative of learned institutions. It's the stage of your life where you move into that period, to that sort of next step where you kind of accept some guidance and learn from that, and move with that. Actually, this is a really neat combination of things for someone who may feel trapped. We actually pulled two cards that are very much about journey, growth and motion.

Tekashi 69 - How will 69’s recent sentencing impact his career and musical pursuits?

General: Six of Pentacles / Specific: Ace of Cups

Veronica: That Six of Pentacles is the flow, and the giving and receiving. He got the Six of Pentacles. 2020 is going to be a moment for him where he's really taking a look at his life, and being like, "What do I actually want to stand for?" He's getting a major wake-up call. In knowing his circumstances, that Six of Pentacles is saying that it's time. Because Six of Pentacles can be seen in two ways. It could be seen as, you're this person. It can also be seen as, you're also this person.

It's that giving and receiving. What can he actually do? His big question, if he was here, I would say, "What can you actually do to give back? How can you right the wrongs?" He's thinking right now, and he's going over his life. I guarantee you, he's looking at everything at this moment and saying, "How am I getting out of this?" He's having some serious life questions that we have never had to deal with.

David: Ace of Cups. True emotional inspiration. You get down with changing up how you do things, thinking about things a different way, and trying to see the world, see the bigger picture of things while you're doing your time. Get that perspective. Some people apparently, I've heard this story, they say, "I needed that time." You've seen that story. I think jail is probably a terrible place, and a lot of bad stuff goes on there. I'm not really that a big fan of over-incarcerating people, the world, and all that jazz. But maybe during that time, he'll find a fresh emotional place to come. You see that water flowing out of this. If that represents his musical output, it's connected to his new emotional perspective and his heart.

These excerpts have been edited for length and clarity.

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