Finneas Compares Billie Eilish's Second Album To 'Harry Potter' Series

Billie Eilish's breakout year is ending with all kinds of accolades but the pop star is still marching forward with her sophoore album and her brother/right-hand producer Finneas has compared the body of work to — wait for it — the Harry Potter series.

In the budding star's new interview with Variety, Finneas, 22, explained that the way he and his sister, 17, makes music involving some sort of referential continuation of previous efforts. "The way that we tried to approach every piece of music is, if the song had a brain, it would be aware of its catalog," he explained. "Like, the [When We All Fall Asleep] album knew that the [Don’t Smile at Me] EP and those other songs exist. They're referential in certain ways: There are lines in 'Crown' about 'Ocean Eyes'; 'Ilomilo' references 'Bury a Friend,' which references 'Xanny.'"

Elsewhere in the interview, Finneas dropped the eyebrow-raising comparison to the J.K. Rowling series, saying, "It's a little bit like a book series. Like, for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling had to figure out what happened after Sorcerer’s Stone, and for us, album two will be like what happens next to the person who went through the first record."

In mid-November, Eilish released a one-off single titled "everything i wanted," which was inspired by a nightmare that she had and serves as an ode to Finneas.

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Photo: Getty Images