The D-List: Jason Momoa and James Corden, "Soul" from Pixar, and more!

Jason Momoa And James Corden Do Manly Things

James Corden got a rise in testosterone on Wednesday night.

Corden had a segment on The Late Late Show where he and Jason Momoa hung out for two hours.

During that time, Momoa and Corden rode motorcycles. Actually, Corden rode in a sidecar. 

Momoa attempted to shoot an apple off of Corden's head. Luckily, James is still alive thanks to a last-minute adjustment. In another manly activity, Momoa taught Corden how to crack an egg with a whip.

Selena Gomez And Friends Have An Impromptu Photo Shoot

Selena Gomez showed off her photography skills in L.A.

On Wednesday, Gomez was seen hanging out with some friends and taking pictures. 

She switched between a disposable camera and a professional-looking camera as she snapped photos while they were shopping. 

Woman Rewarded After Bringing Animal Shelter's Kill Rate Down To Zero

A Texas woman will be honored with a $35,000 check for her efforts to reduce a local animal shelter's kill rate - drastically.

In fact, Kayla Denney brought the Taft shelter's kill rate from nearly 100 percent all the way down to zero percent - saving 565 dogs and cats in the process.

Now Denney is being honored with Petco's 2019 National Unsung Hero Award - which carries a cash prize of $35 grand. Denney says that money will go towards improvements at the shelter.

Disney+ Will Be on Amazon Fire TV Devices

Disney has reached a deal with Amazon that will put their Disney+ streaming service on Fire TV devices. 

The deal will make the new service available on LG and Samsung Smart TVs plus viewers will be able to request shows by using Alexa. 

The deal is also great for Disney because if you didn't know, Amazon's Fire TV platform is one of the two largest streaming platforms in the world. 

Making the launch date of November 12 even sweeter for the folks at Disney. 

Jimmy Dean Bringing Back Sausage-Scented Wrapping Paper

Jimmy Dean's sausage-scented wrapping paper is coming back for the holidays. 

The wrapping paper was a big hit last year, and this year it's back along with some new holiday items from the breakfast sausage company. 

This year the company will also offer lip balm, candy canes, a glass sausage ornament for your tree and much more. 

The cool thing is that to pay for the item all you have to do is follow instructions on the website and take photos of sausage to get one of these cool items for free.

Check Out The Trailer For Pixar's "Soul"

It looks like Pixar is trying to give us the feels again. 

A preview trailer for their new movie Soul has been released.

Jamie Foxx voices a middle-school teacher looking to live out his dream of playing jazz. Tina Fey's character tries to help him get to a place where he can achieve those dreams. 

Soul will be released in theaters on June 19th, 2020.

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