WEIRD NEWS: Go Nuts Over Donuts

A college student in Minnesota was fattening his wallet by fattening his classmates with a rare dessert treat -- until its maker stepped in and soured the sweet deal.

Jayson Gonzalez devised a system in which he would drive 270 miles from his home in the Twin Cities to a Krispy Kreme store in Clive, Iowa, where he'd load up his car with up to 100 boxes of the beloved gutbombs. He found he had no trouble re-selling the donuts to fellow students at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, but when word of his routine got out, the company's regional office demanded he cease and desist.

The 21-year-old accounting student says he doesn't understand the problem, since Krispy Kreme pulled all of its stores out of Minneapolis years ago -- and he was paying full price for the treats in Iowa before selling them for a profit. (St. Paul Pioneer Press