Dad Builds Millennium Falcon For Trick Or Treating

Sean Lehmkuhl of Cincinnati, Ohio, is a father of two young sons and always goes the extra mile to make sure their Halloween is special.

This year, five-year-old Luke and three-year-old Max are dressing up as Han Solo and Chewbacca from the Star Wars movies.

But instead of having to walk through the neighborhood to collect candy, they’ll get to drive down the street in a Millennium Falcon spaceship, thanks their dad.

Sean spent the last six weeks building a mini Millennium Falcon, working on weekends and during lunch breaks -- paying very close attention to detail.

All his hard work paid off as the spaceship was a huge hit in the neighborhood, with many people coming out of their homes to check it out.

And while the kids will have fun Halloween memories for the rest of their lives, they’ll also continue to play with the vehicle in the weeks and months ahead. (WPVI-TV)

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