The D-List: Friday

Lizzo And Ariana Grande Release "Good As Hell" Remix

Lizzo and Ariana Grande are feeling good as hell about this remix.

The two teamed up for an updated take on Good As Hell.

The track was originally released in 2016 but it's getting more love now as Lizzo's fame continues to rise.

Charlie Puth Almost Died Twice On Tour

Touring hasn't been easy for Charlie Puth.

During a recent interview, he admitted that he almost passed away while on the road.

Puth said, "I used to get sick a lot on tour. I almost died twice, like literally. It was really tough. I kept getting sick. I was sick for like a year with a cold and I just wasn't really taking care of myself."

Puth said that after four years, he's got touring down to a science. Expect Charlie to head back out in 2020 to support his upcoming third studio album.

Felicity Huffman Released From Prison Early

Felicity Huffman was released from a Northern California prison on Friday morning. 

She served 11 days of her 14-day sentence. The policy is normal to be released on a Friday if an inmate is scheduled to be let out on the weekend.  

Huffman has already paid $30,000 in fines related to her involvement in the college admissions scandal.

She still has to serve 250 hours of community service to finish her sentence.

Beyonce Gave Kesha This Advice

During an interview Kesha revealed the time she met Beyonce and the advice she gave her.

She said they were backstage and that Beyonce was "like an angel."

Beyonce told her, as soon as you know they're snakes weed 'em out.

Kesha said that, it may have taken a couple of years but Beyonce's advice was well received.

Nick Jonas Groped by Fan During Jonas Brothers Concert

The Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins Tour just wrapped up the first leg in L.A., but one crazed female fan wanted a little bit more and she got it, a handful.

While Nick Jonas was performing the fan kept grabbing his leg, while security waved her hand away several times. Then the girl grabbed his butt and you could tell that Nick was pissed when he turned around and gave her that look of disgust. You could tell he felt violated!

Her move was not cool! And no word on whether or not the girl was removed from the concert.

Taylor Swift Thanks Fans For Helping Her ‘Stay True’ On 13-Year Anniversary Of 1st Album

Can you believe it’s been 13 years since Taylor Swift released her self-titled debut album?! 

Taylor took to Instagram to celebrate the moment with fans on Thursday (October 24) with a throwback picture of her performing outside, in Nashville on a small stage with a banner that read: “Taylor Swift,” and a second picture of her stadium audience years later.

 “I said in an interview 13 years ago ‘I’m just hoping that I have a second album that does as well as the first and someday get to be a headliner, and always be the same person that I started out as’,” Taylor captioned the pictures. 

If you’re a “Swiftie” you know 13 is Taylor’s “lucky number,” she was born on December 13, 1989, plus she’s referenced the number several times on her albums and her debut album went platinum in 13 weeks.

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