The D-List: Thursday

Ariana Grande Wants To Sample Kylie Jenner

This would be the perfect 2019 collaboration.

By now, you should be familiar with the viral Kylie Jenner clip that shows her waking her daughter Stormi up (even though she's already awake) by singing 'Riiise and shine.'

On Wednesday, Ariana Grande posted the clip on her IG story and asked Jenner if she could sample her voice. Grande sang it as well.

We don't know if Kylie has given clearance yet but it would probably be a savvy business deal to do so.

Someone Is Posing As Shaggy To Scam Fans

There is a Shaggy impersonator trying to get your money. 

The real Shaggy is warning fans to be careful.

The fake Shaggy is contacting people on social media saying that they owe him money.

Mr. Boombastic (the real one) posted a message about the phony on his official Instagram page saying, "They are not from me nor do they represent me in any way. It saddens me that this has become our reality and that innocent people are being dragged into this ridiculousness."

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Introduce Us To Their New Baby

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are officially parents for the third time. Published reports say Lively gave birth on October 4th but on Wednesday, the couple revealed the child on social media for the first time. 

Reynolds tweeted the picture of himself, Lively and the baby in a Candian forest. The post encouraged people to vote for climate policy.

Reynolds was holding the baby. The child's face was blurred out with a happy face drawn over it. 

In the tweet, Reynolds talked about his daughters so we assume that the baby is girl number 3. Reynolds and Lively have two other girls, Inez and James.

Stephen King’s Home Becoming a Museum and Writer’s Retreat

Stephen King is transforming the home where he wrote most of his memorable tales into a museum and writers' retreat. 

The home, located in Bangor, Maine will house artifacts once kept at the University of Maine and up to five writers can live there at a time. 

If this sounds like something you'd like to do to cure your writer's block you'll need to make an appointment. 

Netflix Dropping Six Original Christmas Movies

It's never too early for you to think about a holiday binge session, and Netflix is making sure you have plenty of heartwarming holiday films. 

The streaming service has announced that they will be dropping six original Christmas films over the holidays. 

The first original film will drop November 1 with more throughout the holiday season. 

Jennifer Garner Shares Video Of Her Mammogram Appointment For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Jennifer Garner wants to encourage everyone to take care of their health.

The actress recently shared an Instagram video of her mammogram appointment.

The video shows Garner getting screened as well as being told that she was okay.

Jennifer Garner shared the video to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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