The D-List: Wednesday

Katy Perry Rides "Harleys In Hawaii"

The anticipated Katy Perry song Harleys In Hawaii was released on Wednesday.

A video accompanied the release. It features Perry riding...well...Harleys In Hawaii.

The mid-tempo groove hearkens a getaway vibe as a couple seeks some alone time.

This is Perry's third single this year. We don't know if all of the tracks will wind up on what would be her sixth album.

Lizzo & Ariana Grande 'To Release' New 'Good As Hell' Remix

Lizzo fans can rejoice as a “Good As Hell” remix is on the way. The Twitter fan account @ArianaToday says the collaboration will be released on October 25th.

Lizzo has been a fan of Ariana for quite some time, she covered Grande’s “7 Rings” and spoke about wanting to work with Ariana during a Twitter Q&A. 

“I would love to do a song with Ariana Grande, she’s my pony twin...I would rap and I’d let her sing,” Lizzo responded 

Inside the Wedding Plans of Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez

2020 is going to be a big year for celebrity weddings. With both Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez planning to tie the knot, we are officially on "wedding watch." 

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are planning to scale down their wedding party in an effort to have a more intimate affair, "It will be a fun celebration with family and friends," a source told People. 

Jennifer Lopez, however, is ready to do it big, "I'd like a big wedding," Lopez said in a recent tour video. She also revealed that she wanted to marry in a church this time around. 

As for where the church will be located is still up for debate, Lopez says the couple is looking at locations that mean something to them. 

Miley Cyrus Debuts New Tattoo of a Knife Through a Heart That Reads ‘Rock n’ Roll Heart’

Miley seems to be documenting her love life with a series of tattoos. After Miley split from estranged husband, Liam Hemsworth, she got a tattoo that read: “My head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free.”

She then had tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, create ink that was inspired by the Visconti of Milan’s coat of arms which Miley saw while on her Italian vacation with Kaitlynn Carter.

A new “Rock n’ Roll” heart tattoo has been etched into Miley’s shoulder, shortly after Miley referred to Cody Simpson as her “BF.” The tattoo features a heart with a dagger stabbing it and a banner that reads: “Rock n’ Roll Heart.”

Fans Want To Know Why Shawn Mendes Deleted Kissing Video With Him And Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes deleted a popular video of him and Camila Cabello doing some outrageous kissing.

The video was a tongue-in-cheek swipe at all of the memes of them kissing.

Once the clip was taken down from Mendes' Instagram feed, fans were wondering "why?"

One person tweeted, "how are you gonna delete ur most liked post" and another person said, "ISSA OKAY YOU CAN DELETE THAT VIDEO BUT PLEASE POST SOME CUTE STUFFS OF YOU AND CAMILA RIGHT AWAY."

Lady Gaga Tweeted "What's Fortnight?" and She's Being Endlessly Dragged

Lady Gaga’s recent tweet should be immortalized for life, fans and gamers are questioning and trolling Gaga after she tweeted, “What is Fortnight?”

The tweet has Twitter debating over whether Gaga was giving a clue to possible music on the way or if she truly doesn’t know what the most popular game in the world is right now. 

The latter may be true, especially since she spelled it “Fortnight” instead of “Fortnite,” and for that, the tweet must be framed and hung on our walls. 

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