The D-List: Thursday

What's Up With Selena Gomez And Niall Horan

Rumors are heating up about something extra going on between Selena Gomez and Niall Horan.

After Horan was seen with his arm around Gomez at dinner last Thursday, Selena was seen entering Niall's home a few days ago.

She was carrying a bag of groceries with ice cream and fruit salad inside.

The two have been friends for a long time so this could be a big bunch of nothing. Stay tuned.

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The Women Of Marvel Want An All-Female Movie

After a couple of strong scenes showing the power of women in the last two Avengers movies, the ladies of Marvel want to step out on their own.

Captain Marvel Brie Larson said the superhero actresses would love to star in their own movie. They told Marvel boss Kevin Feige about it.

Larson told Variety, "A lot of the female cast members from Marvel walked up to Kevin and we were like, 'We are in this together, we want to do this.' What that means, I have no idea. You know, I'm not in charge of the future of Marvel, but it is something that we're really passionate about and we love, and I feel like if enough people out in the world talk about how much they want it, maybe it'll happen."

The Larson-led Captain Marvel made over 1 billion at the box office this year. Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow movie is due out next year.

Porsche Flying Car Will Be Available in 2025

If you've ever wanted to buy a flying car, 2025 could be your year. 

It's been announced that Porsche has teamed up with Boeing to make the flying car dream become a reality. 

The cars will technically be called "eVTOLs" or electric vertical takeoff and landings. 

There's no word on what these cars can do, how much they'll cost, or if they'll even be legal to drive or fly. 

“Frozen 2” Cookie Dough Is Here

Nestle is hoping that fans of Disney's "Frozen" head to their nearest store and get the dough, get the dough by officially releasing "Frozen 2" cookie dough. 

In a post shared by Nestle on Instagram, Frozen 2 Morsels and Refrigerated Cookie Dough will be available at your nearest grocery store. 

The "Frozen 2" sugar cookies are topped with snowflake sprinkles. The morsels are blue and white and can be used as topping on whatever you choose like cookies, pancakes, or better yet cupcakes! 

Ex-NFL Player Honors Mother By Paying For 500 Mammograms

Former NFL player DeAngelo Williams is honoring his late mother by making sure other women are properly screened for breast cancer.

After losing his mother to breast cancer in 2014, the ex-Panthers and Steelers running back launched The DeAngelo Williams Foundation, which has paid for more than 500 mammograms over the last four years.

Williams says the service provided by his foundation "can be life-changing for these women" by offering care "that no one should ever be denied or not have access to".



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