WEIRD NEWS: Pop Thief Gets Popped

A Pennsylvania man is cooling his heels after his quest for a cool beverage led him to rob a vending machine to steal one can of soda and a few bucks in change.

Witnesses called 911 after they observed Raymond Birch using a crowbar to pry open a soda machine behind a grocery store in the wee hours of Monday morning. By the time officers arrived at the scene, Birch had fled, but left enough clues for the cops to pick up his trail and chase him. That ended when he crashed his truck into a parked car, jumped a curb and smashed into a fence.

Officers who subdued Birch say they smelled alcohol on his breath and found a cold, open can of Wicked Reds Black Cherry in the cup holder. They retrieved $34.23 in change that they suspected was stolen from the machine. (WJAC)