The D-List: Tuesday

Jennifer Aniston Misses "Friends" But...

Jennifer Aniston recalled a Friends cast reunion during her appearance on The Howard Stern Show Monday.

Aniston said the "entire gang" came to Courteney Cox's home on Saturday. 

She said "we all miss it every day" but she fears a reboot would not be good.

Aniston admitted, "I really think there is an idea that if there is a reboot of the show, it won’t be even close to as good as what it was, so, why do it? It would ruin it." Stern said, "Legacy is everything, right?" Aniston agreed saying, "Mmmhmm."

Gwen Stefani To Receive Fashion Icon Honor

Gwen Stefani's fashion sense will be acknowledged.

She will receive the Fashion Icon Award at the upcoming E! People's Choice Awards.

Stefani said about the honor, "As an artist, musician and entrepreneur, fashion has always served as a creative outlet for me to express my personality and music. I am so grateful to receive this award and continue to be inspired by those who stand apart and embrace their unique style and individuality."

Stefani will be the second recipient of the Fashion Icon honor. Victoria Beckham won last year. The People's Choice Awards will happen on November 10th.

Alec Baldwin Duped By 'Statue Of Liberty' Boat Scam

You always hear about scammers who dupe gullibile tourists. Well this time, the gullible tourist was none other than Alec Baldwin.

On Sunday, Baldwin revealed that he'd been duped into buying $40 tickets for his family to take a 'boat tour' of the Statue of Liberty.

However, the tickets didn't include an actual boat tour - just a shuttle bus to New Jersey where they could buy actual tour tickets for $18.50 each.

NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio has ordered police to crack down on this scam as well as a similar one where people sell tickets to the Staten Island Ferry, which is free.

Post Malone Has Top-Selling Album of 2019

This is turning out to be a big year for Post Malone. His album "Hollywood's Bleeding" is now the best selling album of 2019. 

Malone's album has already sold two million copies since being released in Septemeber. 

On top of that, Malone's album has racked up over 100 million streams during the first three weeks of its release. 

Toasted Coconut Cheerios Are Coming

The people behind Cheerios want to send you to a tropical island for breakfast with their upcoming Toasted Coconut Cheerios. 

The cereal will be out this November and is "inspired by the delicious nutty flavor of coconut." 

This flavor is the latest new flavor from the brand that includes Blueberry, Peach, Banana Nut, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Lori Loughlin Must Expect A “Substantially Higher Sentence" Than Felicity Huffman.

U.S Attorney Andrew Lelling has a threat for Loughlin, who rejected a plea deal and is headed toward a trial. He said on Sunday that the longer she takes to resolve her case, the more time they want the judge to throw at Loughlin, especially if convicted. He says, "We will ask for a higher sentence.”

Huffman is due to serve 14 days in federal prison starting on October 25th. Lelling said he’s OK with Huffman’s sentence because, unlike Lori Loughlin, she “took responsibility almost immediately and was contrite.”

Huffman could be sent to one of America’s cushiest prisons. Inmates at the so-called “Chateau Dublin” near San Francisco stay in private bungalows where they can bring their own bedding, pillows and linens. Orange jumpsuits are discarded for comfy sweats.

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